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Super-detailed plastic model kit.  Recommended for experienced and advanced modelers.  Includes the massive amount of photoetched parts, turned metal gun barrels, and pre-cut paint masking sheet. 

Joy Yard USS Missouri BB-63

Limited Edition

Scale - 1:350

Model Size: Length: 772.7MM

Width: 94.2MM
Box Size: 805MM - 255MM - 100MM

Kit includes:
Instructions - CHN/ENG Bilingual

Plastic Parts - 1000+ PCS Painting Guidance
Painting Cover Sticker
Anchor Chain
Main Gun Barrels - 9 PCS

Secondary Gun Barrels - 20 PCS

Photo Etched Parts - 10 Sheets

As a Limited Edition kit, there is a laser label that shows every kit's serial number. The whole kit is placed in a molded foam frame case. It will be safely protected during transportation.

The instructions are very detailed and also with English content. Model photos and design drawings will make the building work more intuitive and clear.
The deck part is Highly Detailed with clear planking wood gaps. And planking design is completely consistent with the real ship. The positions and sizes of various equipment on the deck are also highly accurate. Even nail marks and waterways are also visible.
The hull part is unibody designed. On the hull surface, it's planking, every piece of steel plate is completely restored. Bow welding lines, bottom planking shapes, holes, and superimposed bulges, are all designed and produced.
With sliding block mold manufacturing technology, some complex parts could be precisely manufactured. All plastic products are delicate, no matter the structure parts, gun turrets, or tiny fittings.
There are Decal, Anchor chains, Main Gun Barrels, and 127MM Gun Barrels in the accessory box.
Besides these parts, there are 10 Sheets of Photo Etched Parts. These parts are:
General Fittings as ladders, vents, hatches, doors, and so on. Weapon details like a gun shield, handrails, etc.
Every Railing of the ship, Structure details and supports, high-precision equipment and ship fittings.
Details of Various types of radar parts and fire controls.