Port Jackson Schooner 1803 - Scale 1:36 - Partial POF kit - PEARWOOD VERSION

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Schooner for Port Jackson (1802)
in scale 1:36
by Miniature Arts

HISTORY and Plans for an Australian schooner of 1802 /1803

In 1785 the First Fleet arrived in the new British colony of Port Jackson (now Sydney Harbor) in New South Wales and Arthur Phillip was appointed as the first Governor.

In 1790 the governor of Australia asked the Admiralty in London for two vessels of 30 to 40 tons, which should be shipped there in frames, accompanied by some skilled shipwrights to build the ships. His request was partly fulfilled by sending materials of a schooner of 41 tons, that was put together in Sydney and served the colony from 1793 to 1805. In 1802 the Admiralty ordered the Navy Board to produce drawings of two ships according to the governor's specifications and sent a copy of them to Port Jackson (today known as Sydney Harbor). The original drafts of the schooner are still in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

Meanwhile, the NSW Government had already built various other ships before 1803. In 1797 His Majesty’s Dockyard was opened at Port Jackson for building larger vessels.

It can't be ascertained whether actually a ship had been built to the plans at that time, but in 1807 a schooner of similar size named Mercury was launched in 1807 for the Sydney merchant Thomas Reiby. He was an influential trader and former ship's officer and one can assume that he got the plans and some support from the governor.

The Royal Navy’s 1803 design of a ‘Schooner for Port Jackson’ has been recognized on the obverse of Australia’s twenty dollar banknote since 1994. A sketch of the schooner is beside the portrait of Mrs. Mary Reibey, who arrived as a convict and rose to become a respected and successful owner of a cargo shipping business. Her fleet included the Mercury, a schooner similar to the 1803 design for the Port Jackson schooner.

          SCALE 1:36

          LENGHT   715mm

          WIDTH     210mm

          HEIGHT    535mm


The model is prepared as a Partial POF kit , means, that the midship section over the length of the main hatch is prepared as a Plank on Frame model.
The original framing is visible in one of the contemporary drawings in the post before.
The bow and stern part are conventional POB (Plank On Bulkhead)

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Schooner for Port Jackson (1802) - 1:36 by Uwek