HMS Blandford 1720 - 6th rate Frigate - Pearwood


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HMS Blandford is a high-end POF kit with a full interior. The whole kit is made of pear and boxwood, providing you with a high-quality modeling experience and excellent final results.


Scale 1:48

Length: 782mm

Width: 167mm

Height: 170mm

HMS Blandford is an English 20 guns, 6th rate frigate.

The parts of the kit are mostly made by laser cutting. The deck and planking are pre-made laser-cut in order to achieve an easier modeling experience. The carvings are boxwood and made by high-precision CNC. In order to facilitate modelers working, the keel is also made of CNC and slotted in advance, which made it more convenient for installation.

Apart from the wooden parts, the kit also included an etching sheet, some 3D printing fittings, and 20 brass cannons. There’s also a 70 pages instruction in the kit, that contains a large number of 3D rendering pictures, which can make modelers easily understand the assembly steps. Several 1:1 and other scale drawings are also provided. The kit has no masts, sails, or rigging parts, the build is finished on the deck level.

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HMS Blandford (1720) - 20 gun Frigate based on the "1719 Establishment"


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