Drakkar "Oseberg" Scale 1:25 - NEW UPDATED VER 2.0


Viking’s Drakkars is one of the most recognizable sailships in the world. They relate a grace construction made in wood and ancient mystery associated with Vikings and legends about them. We would like to present to your attention a model kit of Viking’s Drakkar in 1:25 scale. We made a long and painstaking work developing this kit. As a basis, we took a few prototypes and according to them, we made our project. We have tried to relate a deep study of the historically reliable model and a well-known image of the Viking’s Drakkar. In this way, everyone will find something for themselves in this kit. You will be able to build it like seen in movies and paintings.

Dimensions of the finished model:

- Length  865mm

- Width   430mm

- Height  480mm

The contents of the kit:

- Plywood keel and timbers;

- Laser cutting hull;

- Ready to install a deck, separated by segments;

- Blocks that need minimal refinement to round the corners;

- Laser cut workpieces for mast stand, steering oar, oars, shields, etc;

- Lined cloth for a sail;

- Rounded workpieces for rigging;

- Slipway and stand;

- Manual and drawings for construction;


The features of the kit:

Drakkar always were ideal interior models, specially made in an old oak style with painted sail and shields. This kit size let you make refinements to your wish but the kit still stays enough easy for construction even for beginners. Now it’s not hard to make a clinker cladding, as everything is ready, cut, and ready to install, just follow the manual. All the visible details on the finished model are made of wood and you will not see any plywood or MDF details after construction. The main thing you will need is glue and grinding tools as everything is almost ready. Also, you will need some of your imagination to finish this model with paints