Hms Pandora 1779 1:72 - Boxwood Version


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A Modelship Dockyard Production
HMS Pandora 1779 (POB):
A 6th rate British frigate
Scale: 1:72

These measurements below include the rigging

Length Overall: 850 mm
Height Overall: 820mm
Width Overall:260mm

These measurements below do not include the rigging

Length of Hull: 580mm
Width of Hull: 135.5mm
Height of Hull (only): 149.5mm

Ship history:

The Pandora was involved in a number of missions, among which the most famous one was its suppression of the H.M.S. Bounty’s rebellion, an event that has been well documented and subsequently turned into a novel and remade into a movie.
The Pandora was wrecked on its way back from this incident and sank in 1791. The wreck was discovered in 1977 and a small amount of excavation work was carried out. Some items were salvaged and currently stored in the Queensland Museum, Australia.

Further description:

Using precision 3D modeling techniques, this product has made revolutionary improvements to traditional kit structures. 3D printing of frames, transverse bulkhead, and multi-layered vertical bulkheads, combined with the use of 3D printed fillers, achieves three advantages of making the structure more stable, more accurate, and less difficult. The kit also adopts expanded planking, which allows modelers to no longer need to cut wooden strips, but simply remove the planking from the sheet, do a little sanding, and then directly attach it to the hull. This technology ensures the authentic appearance while also being convenient for the modelers. Compared to traditional kits, the use of these new technologies can greatly enhance the modeler's crafting experience and reduce the overall crafting time, allowing modelers to enjoy the entire crafting process as much as possible.
 Regarding the materials, the kit uses high-quality woods such as boxwood, pearwood, and ebony to achieve outstanding finishing results. Fittings such as brass cannons, photo etched parts, and some 3D printed parts (such as galley) are selected to enhance the details. For the rigging, CNC pearwood pulleys are also used to ensure their restoration effect.

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